Do you provide installation services?

At this time, we are not offering installation services. We do however, work with other third party installers that we may refer to upon request.

I have a high volume order, where do I go?

Please refer to the home page under "Builders Area". *NOTE builders or contractors license is not required*

How do I measure my rough opening?

We'd suggest that you find that out through your installer to ensure accurate measurements. But if it's a DIY project, do the following: Remove any casing (from the interior side) to reveal all sides of your frame. Measure from end to end of your current frame, horizontally, for your rough width. Then measure from your subfloor to the very top of the header piece of the current frame for your rough height. *NOTE We are not responsible for any sizing mistakes and or mistakes as a result of other factors*

I'm reusing my current frames, what do I do?

We'd suggest hiring someone to prep and install your slab onto the frame.

Are these doors solid?

The majority of our doors are solid core unless otherwise noted in the title or description of the slab/unit.

Are these exterior/interior wood doors solid wood throughout?

*Full disclosure* Regardless whether you buy your doors from BUYMYDOORS or from another supplier, to keep costs low and reasonable, many manufacturers and vendors use exterior rated solid core with a REAL wood veneer placed on top.

Are wood veneer doors reliable?

Any door is reliable, as long as you take care of your door, it'll take care of you. Every kind of door (whether wood veneer or not) has an "Achilles' heel" usually being the elements.

How do I take care of my door?

That answer varies on the material. Placing a proper finish on your unit and or installing an awning over your unit, is a great way to protect it from the elements.

*What is the average lead time?*

A prehung unit is usually ready for pick up between 7-10 business days if not sooner. Flooring is ready for pickup in 1-2 business days. Windows are ready for pick up 2 weeks after the order is processed. *Refer to ToS.