Cal-Royal 7700 Commercial Pushbar Non-Fire Rated with Vertical Surface Rod

PRODUCT TYPE: push bar

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36" x 84"
36" x 96"
36" x 120"
48" x 96"
48" x 120"
Satin Stainless Steel US 32D
Bright Brass US 3
Dark Satin Bronze US 10B
Left Hand Reverse
Right Hand Reverse
For High Volume

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  • For Doors - 1 ¾” thick standard. 3 ¾” minimum stile width required for single door application. 3 ½” minimum stile width required for double door application. 2 ¾” backset
  • Top Chassis - Non-ferrous alloy (Panic Grade), steel (Fire Grade)
  • Cover - Non-ferrous plated material. Covers stock hollow metal doors with 161 cuts out
  • Mounting - Furnished with wood and machine screws. Thru bolts are included and standard packaging on fire-rated devices
  • End Cap - Brass, Bronze or Stainless Steel construction
  • Hand - Handed. Easily field reversible. Specify at time of order LHR, RHR for convenience
  • Latch Bolt & Spring - Stainless steel
  • Spring - Stainless steel throughout
  • ANSI Standard - A156.3, Grade 1
  • Rail Assembly - Heavy gauge extruded aluminum body with Stainless Steel push pad
  • Dogging Feature - Allen-type key furnished standard on non-fire-labeled devices
  • Finish - Architectural plated finishes
For High Volume
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